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Zurb Soldiers

Two Zurb soldiers in the animated television series

Zurbs, or Zerbs, are an elite caste of the Insectoids from Insectika. They are spiky, lobster-ish, red and mean-looking, but still more human-sized than most of the Insectoids. They are also the only Insectoids who seem intelligent and capable enough of piloting spaceships, and holding and operating advanced technological weaponry, instead of using biological weaponry.

Zurbs were not seen in the Earthworm Jim video game series, but similar-looking Insectoids to Zurbs can be seen in The Artwork of Earthworm Jim which came out at the same time as the first video game. They were also seen in the comics, although they went unnamed.

Zurbs were first introduced properly, and named, in "Assault and Battery", the third episode of the animated television series. In this episode, Queen Slug-for-a-Butt sends two Zurbs in a giant Insectoid ship to Terlawk in an attempt to recover Jim's Super Suit for her. In "The Egg Beater", several Zurbs are seen as part of the rebellion led by Princess What's-Her-Name.

Zurbs also featured in the Earthworm Jim toy line. A small "runt Zurb" with a "really intense Insectoid gun" was included in a pack along with the figure of Princess What's-Her-Name. However, this "runt Zurb" is blue instead of red.