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Jim lifting up Wilbur (or a relative) from one of the mud pits in A.B.T.

Wilbur is the overweight pet pig of Bob and encountered in A.B.T., the second level of Earthworm Jim 2, and the summer home of Bob.

Wilbur has a dozen or so related pigs who are identical in appearance and also encountered in the level, so it is unsure which pig is actually Wilbur.

Wilbur and his fellow pigs are the only non-hostile lifeform encountered by Earthworm Jim on A.B.T. Wilbur and his fellow pigs are too fat to move, and merely wallow in mud pits. Jim can pick them up and use their weight to operate pulley systems, opening gates, or throw them down chutes to thwart Bob and Number Four.


  • Although there around a dozen identical pigs, Wilbur is the only named pig, and named in the instruction manual.