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Jim shoots with the Plasma Blaster at a Shadow Demon (original Sega Genesis version)

What the Heck? is the second main level of the original Earthworm Jim video game (not including level extensions, or bonus levels).

Game manual description[]

"Welcome to the planet Heck. As Evil the Cat dances, Jim wanders through a devilishly tricky maze. Step quickly... it can get a little for Jim, even in his indestructible suit. For an uplifting experience, take a jog on a gem, but don't let Jim get a hot foot! There'll be a hot time in the old town tonight, for sure!"[1]


What the Heck

Evil the Cat gets Jim's Super Suit (Nintendo SNES version)

In "What the Heck?", Jim must navigate his way through the strange planet of Heck, and find his way to Evil the Cat. This level is a hell-type place, with various fire traps, pulley-activated gates, green teleportation crystals, lawyers and bankers, Shadow Demons, Rusty the Snowman and elevator music.

When Jim makes it to Evil the Cat, Evil actually manages to take away the Super Suit. Jim must reclaim the Super Suit to fight Evil head-on, and then take Evil's nine lives.



Heck in Earthworm Jim HD

  • The Special Edition of the game on the Sega Mega CD has an expanded section of the level, just before the mini-boss half way through.
  • Before you encounter him, Evil the Cat can be seen in the background perched on high ledges, dancing over the flames and screams, and watching you. In Earthworm Jim HD, Heck was significantly reworked to appear even more bright and fiery, and as though Evil the Cat is perched atop a live volcano mid-eruption.



What the Heck? - Short - Earthworm Jim Special Edition Music Extended

Music from the Special Edition

Mark Miller's soundtrack for "What the Heck?" includes some of his own compositions, along with classical music.

The first part of the song that plays in this level is a rendition of Russian composer Modest Mussorgsky's song, Night on Bald Mountain (1867), also known as the popular Disney's Fantasia segment.

It repeatedly transitions to Miller's cheesy elevator music, with the many bloodcurdling screams of Evil the Cat's victims added, as well as a few menacing cackles.


  • This level was coded by David Perry for the Sega Genesis version and converted by Nick Jones for the Super Nintendo version.[2]