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Jim and Peter Puppy approach a Unipus' tentacle (Earthworm Jim HD)

The Unipus is a type of recurring hostile extraterrestrial enemy, featured in the level "For Pete's Sake" of the original Earthworm Jim video game.


The Unipuses are subterranean creatures, or perhaps plants, that inhabit Peter Puppy's homeworld. Only their tentacle or vine-like appendages are ever actually seen, poking out of the ground. Jim will come across a dozen of these as he attempts to get Peter Puppy to safety.

If Jim gets too close to the tentacles, the tentacles will whip Jim with some force, flinging him and his Super Suit back across the level. The tentacles cannot be destroyed by Jim. Whipping at the tentacles with Jim's worm head, or shooting at them with the Plasma Blaster, will only cause them to hide back underground for a short time, allowing a short window of time for Jim and Pete to safely pass.


Peter Puppy is caught by a Unipus tentacle

If Peter Puppy gets caught by a tentacle, it will wrap around him and attempt to squeeze him to death. However, since Peter Puppy is an immortal mutant, this merely angers Peter, and he will mutate into a giant, tearing the tentacle to bloody shreds. Peter will also then attack Jim, causing some loss of power to Jim's Super Suit. Nevertheless, Peter's mutations are the only way to actually kill a Unipus.


  • The enemies were named Unipuses in the game manuals. They were described as being like an octopus, but with only one arm.
  • Peter Puppy's species may have evolved such horrendous mutations as a defensive response to such predators on their homeworld.