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Not to be confused with the smaller Udder Ships in the same level, or the earlier appearing Flying Saucers.

An Udder U.F.O. attempting to take a cow from Jim (PlayStation port)

An Udder U.F.O., Udder Alien Spaceship or Udder Saucer, is an unidentified flying object of extraterrestrial origin, with "udders" similar to a cow at the bottom.

They are a type of recurring hostile enemy in the level Udderly Abducted in Earthworm Jim 2.


Their goal is to kidnap and experiment on all the cows which Earthworm Jim is trying to save in the level. When one gets hold of a cow, Jim will have to attack the spacecraft to get it off the cow.


  • Their relation to other enemies in the level is unknown, but they are clearly all working towards the same goal. It is possible they are related to the smaller Udder Ships.