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Down the Tubes

Jim in a submarine (Windows PC version)

Tube Race (in the PC Windows port called Pod Race) is a level in the original Earthworm Jim video game.

"Tube Race" the second section of "Down the Tubes", both levels taking place in and around the underwater base of Bob the Killer Goldfish on La Planeta de Agua (Arriba!). Jim is getting closer to his mark, but the second section is notably more difficult than the first section.


"Tube Race" appears much the same as Down the Tubes, with the main difference being the significantly long trek in one of the submarines outside the base and through the water. Although there are similar submersible journeys in Down the Tubes, these are relatively short, with numerous air-pumps to keep Jim's oxygen topped up. However, the submarine trek in Tube Race is very much longer, and taking up most the section. Therefore, the "Tube Race" of the title is in fact a race against time.

There is an air refueler at the beginning of the trek which will give Jim's submarine 100 seconds of air, but these may be not enough for the long trek to get to the other side of the base. Luckily, there is an air-pump about halfway through, making this level significantly easier. However the second air-pump is hidden through a rock wall to the left, which can be passed through, but may be hard to see. Two spotlights on the rock face give away its location.

Finally, Jim re-enters the base after slaying a few puffer-fish, fights Bob the Killer Goldfish, the ruler of the planet. However, the "fight" is merely Jim knocking Bob's goldfish bowl off its plinth, and leaving Bob flopping helplessly around on the floor, before Jim takes off on his Pocket Rocket off the planet.



  • In Earthworm Jim HD there is an online multiplayer-exclusive level based on Tube Race called In a Wormy Submarine.
  • In the Super Nintendo version of the game, the theme for New Junk City is used in the level instead of the Level 5 theme which would be used in the stage of the same name.
  • This level was coded by Nick Jones and was programmed on Super Nintendo version before it was converted to the Sega Genesis version.[1]