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Jim firing the Three-Finger Gun (Udderly Abducted)

Three-Finger Gun

In battle with Flamin' Yawn (Level Ate)

The Three-Finger Gun is a weapon added Earthworm Jim 2.


When this item is collected it causes three of the fingers on the left hand of Jim's Super Suit to become enlarged, and enables the finger tips to fire plasma.

The three lines of fire go off diagonally up and down, as well as straight ahead, giving the player a wider range of fire than the common Plasma Blaster.

Manual Description[]

"Lets Jim hit the broad side of a barn without even looking. If you can't hit anything with this, only one other gun may be able to help you...."


  • This is the only time the Super Suit utilizes itself as a firearm, instead of using the suit's accessories and peripherals such as the Plasma Blaster and Pocket Rocket.