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The Space Crickets are brave members of the League of Heroes. They have a huge arsenal of weapons, but due to their small sizes, they don’t stand as a big thread to their villains.

The Space Crickets' "splash screen" in the episode "The Egg Beater".

Vacation on Barbados

The Space Crickets on vacation on Barbados. in the episode "The Egg Beater".

The space crickets have come to save us by snapcentino d75hgb2-fullview

The Space Crickets, as they try to ambush Professor Monkey-For-A-Head. This panorama is made by SnapCentino from DeviantArt.

The Space Crickets play as a gag to the Deus Ex Machina principal in storytelling, and try to save the day, when you'd least expect them. Unfortunately, they're not intimidating due to their small sizes. In order to rescue Earthworm Jim, The Space Crickets tried to ambush Professor Monkey-For-A-Head in "The Egg Beater", but without success, as he stumped them flat.

But they're also a bit useless as space heroes, because they're quite often on vacation, when you need them. In "The Egg Beater", they were on vacation on Barbados, and in "The Exile of Lucy", they were vacationing in Oaxaca.

The Space Crickets also have a minor appearance in "Hyper Psy-Crow", as they appear in The Galactic Heroes League, among all the other heroes, in a ceremony to honor Puce Dynamo, the first hero who has ever existed.

Space Crickets Headquarters and personality testing

Space Crickets Headquarters and Personality Testing, as it appears in "The Exile of Lucy".