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Two Jim clones fighting through "The Junks Are Back in Town!"

The Junks Are Back in Town! is the first online, multiplayer-exclusive level added in Earthworm Jim HD.


"The Junks Are Back in Town!" was not present in the original game or the special edition, nor is it present in the single player mode of Earthworm Jim HD.

"The Junks Are Back in Town!" is an online-exclusive level, played only in the online multiplayer cooperative mode of Earthworm Jim HD.

"The Junks Are Back in Town!" has the same background artwork, theme and music as New Junk City, the first level in the game in single player mode. However, it is much bigger with a completely different layout, and with hordes of crows and Fifis, and with new world objects - massive gates and pulley systems - to unlock.

In-game description[]

"Sit back, relax then inhale deeply. Yes, it stinks. But that's okay. you're just having a nice walk with your mates 'round a magnificent junkyard. How happy they look, jumping all over the place and climbing these giant rotating wheels like opossums on energy drinks. Aahh... But don't laugh too much, you look just like them!"


"The Junks Are Back in Town!" is the first and only multiplayer map which will be initially be available to the player, until multiplayer objectives are completed, opening up the other multiplayer maps / levels.

Completing "The Junks Are Back in Town!" opens up access to the next multiplayer level, "Billy the Bin".