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Not to be confused with the Hamster, the animal companion from the first game.

The Hamsternator

A large, anthropomorphic hamster, The Hamsternator is one of several resident super heroes of Terlawk. Despite this status, he is rarely seen doing anything heroic. He has massive cheeks with the capacity to store large objects, and a kind of obsessive compulsion to stuff things in them, as seen in the episode "Conqueror Worm".


Television series[]

The Hamsternator appeared as a minor sidekick of Earthworm Jim in some episodes of the the cartoon series, alongside Peter and Snott. He was voiced by Jeff Bennett.


A toy of the Hamsternator has never been officially released, although it was planned. The Hamsternator would have been one of the toys in the cancelled second line of Earthworm Jim toys released by Playmates.[1] However, bootlegs of the toy have been made.