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This article is dedicated to the Great Worm Spirit, a central devine entity in the animated series. Not to be confused with the real Doug TenNapel, the creator of the series.


The Great Worm Spirit is the Life Force of the Cosmos. Once it dies, all of cosmos will die with it. The Great Worm Spirit has existed since the dawn of time, as he is the creator of the universe.

in spite of his divinity, The Great Worm Spirit still has relations with some of the characters. During the war at Vietnam, The Great Worm Spirit saved the life of Psy-Crow by pulling him down a fox hole. And for some reason, The Giant Fur-Bedded Trout owes him five bucks.

Being the creator of the universe, he has a fatherly relationship with both the heroes and villains in Earthworm Jim. But he still has his arch nemesis; The Anti-Fish, who is the ultimate force of destruction. He, who once he awakens, will seek the biggest worm in existence and eat it. His sole purpose.

Presumably, The Great Worm spirit and Evil the Cat would also be villains, since his sole purpose is to destroy the universe. But there is nothing shown on how their relationship is towards each other.

The great worm spirit resides in the dawn of time, where no one can go.

The Great Worm Spirit

The Great Worm Spirit in its spiritual form, as he appears in "The Anti-Fish".


The Great Worm Spirit has a vast form that encompasses the cosmos, but its appearance does not matter, for he has many forms. But his true form is Doug TenNapel, the creator of Earthworm Jim.


The Great Worm Spirit also has the power to resurrect individuals' lives, as he resurrected Earthworm Jim in "The Anti-Fish". But he also possesses the power to re-create the entire universe by the force of his mind, which he did in "Hyper Psycrow". Because the entire pattern of the universe exists in his mind. It's seemingly a meta-joke that comments on the creative force of Doug TenNapel. Like a deity, he also sees everything.

The Great Worm Spirit in its true form

The Great Worm Spirit in its true form, Doug TenNapel, as he appears in the episode "Hyper Psy-Crow"