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The Great Earthworm Jim Race was a unique type of Earthworm Jim competition run by Shiny Entertainment and Playmates in 1995.

This was conjunction with the release of the toy line, and also the release Special Edition of the first video game on the Sega CD and PC.

Firstly, competitors had to qualify by downloading a unique version of the Special Edition through the Sega Channel. This meant that in order to qualify, one must had have to owned either a Sega CD or a PC, and have purchased the Special Edition. This version included a secret room which, when reached by the first 200 players, would display a password and a toll-free telephone number. Those that called the number were awarded prizes.

These prizes included unique iterations of the toy line, such as a green Earthworm Jim on a Pocket Rocket, and The Artwork of Earthworm Jim.