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The Door

The Door is an enemy and also the main objective to reach in the seventh level of Earthworm Jim 2, ISO 9000. It is only seen at the end of the level and is very difficult to catch. The goal is not to defeat it, as it takes no damage, but simply to catch it - a difficult task, as it possesses legs and constantly runs away from Earthworm Jim. He will be chasing it in a confined area that can only be reached through a Lightbulb Portal. The area he will chase it in consists of only the ground, and an equally long platform above it. The level ends when Jim catches it. To defeat the Door, you have to pick up the giant closet-esque wardrobe with a human leg and foot sticking out (a physical actualization of the phrase "foot in the door") and move it in the right spot for the Door to trip on while it's chased.


  • There is only one Filing Cabinet to slow you down.
  • It is made of wood, with a golden doorknob.
  • It can kick you if you get close to it.