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The world of Cheap Chaps-Chopping Chips, along with a teleportation toilet

The Cheap Chaps-Chopping Chips Program is a new section added to Earthworm Jim HD.

Essentially, it is a mini unlockable game for the single-player mode of the game, taking place along three new unique, secret levels:

There are also two online multiplayer-exclusive levels based on The Cheap Chaps-Chopping Chips Program:


The Cheap Chaps-Chopping Chips Program was not present in Shiny Entertainment's original game or the Special Edition, and so is exclusive to Earthworm Jim HD.

The Cheap Chaps-Chopping Chips Program was developed by Gameloft, which also developed Earthworm Jim HD, and so it is Gameloft's own unique addition to the game, along with the multiplayer modes of the game.


Earthworm Jim HD Music - Cheap Chaps-Chopping Chips-1

Deigo Zaldivar's unique musical theme used throughout The Cheap Chap Chopping Chips Program

Although Tommy Tallarico composed some of the updated music for Earthworm Jim HD, the unique music for The Cheap Chaps-Chopping Chips Program, and it's bosses, was made by Argentinian-Canadian composer Diego Zaldivar.


The Cheap Chaps-Chopping Chips Program introduces a whole new theme, background art, and game mechanics. The three new secret levels take place in a massive, digitized fantasy world within a computer, similar to Tron or ReBoot.

The ground is comprised of broken computer chips or shiny, slippery metallic surfaces. The chaotic landscape is dominated by massive, broken hard drives, exposed wiring, floating floppy discs, electrified surfaces, rolling cylinders, and the cooling vents and hexagonal sound amplifiers are used for extra bursts of speed, or blowing Jim upwards to higher areas.

It is implied that all this is occurring within the player's console.

Enemies and Bosses[]

These levels feature some even more bizarre, computer-based enemies, such as "computer chip" Spiders, Electric Bees, and Eye Laser Shooters.

There are also three bosses of the three new levels, who murderously attack Jim for no reason (or 23 various reasons), each with their own unique music. The three new bosses are Old Grand Ma, Robot Mosquitoes, and Pitch The Cat (the latter based on keyboard cat, and also features the same music as keyboard cat).


The three secret levels are unlocked by finding three icons, similar to Can O'Worms, in the first three traditional levels of the game; New Junk City, What the Heck?, and Down the Tubes. After the icons have been discovered, the three secret levels will be playable from the main menu of the game, in the "bonus levels" section.

The two online multiplayer-exclusive levels are unlocked by completing the earlier multiplayer levels.