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The Art of Earthworm Jim

The Artwork of Earthworm Jim or The Art of Earthworm Jim was a graphic book which was only available directly from Shiny Entertainment in 1994. Some could also be acquired through the Sega Channel service competition, The Great Earthworm Jim Race, in conjunction with the special edition of the game.

It included original concept art from the creators of the first Earthworm Jim video game, with contributions from Shiny staff members Doug TenNapel, David Perry, Mike Dietz, Ed Schofield and Michael Koelsh.

Its publication was only limited to a few copies, and it is now extremely rare, although fortunately most of the images from it have been preserved online, and are widely available.

A significant amount of it also found its way into the introductory comic which was included with most versions of the first game, and even into official artwork for the game, although much of its content was unique. Since much of it is very early artwork, some of it does not fit in with the "canon" of the later video game series or the animated television series.

The book included early designs for characters and levels, and so how their designs had evolved since the original concept with Playmates Toys in 1991. The books also showed how the game illustrators were given instruction on how to draw the characters, and how the game sprites had evolved.


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