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A Terlawk songbird above the settlement


Jim, Peter Puppy and Snott at their base in Terlawk

Terlawk is Earthworm Jim's hometown on Earth in the Earthworm Jim animated series. Terlawk is seen in almost every episode, since Jim has his headquarters there, which is also frequented by Jim's sidekicks Snott and Peter Puppy.

For the most part, Terlawk appears similar to suburban America, with a sizable ordinary human population, apart from Jim and his friends. Whilst Jim has pleasant relations with his human neighbors, they do openly and smilingly refer to Jim as a "hideous freak of nature".

When looking for Earthworm Jim's hideout in Terlawk, Evil the Cat has a very bad time in the neighborhood during the pilot episode, getting melted, turned into sausages, and blasted into space all on his first day in the suburbia.

Jim's hideout is next to the house of an insane old woman named Mrs. Bleverage, whose tolerance for Jim and friends is very thin, and who despite her occasional assistance to Jim may actually be a spy for Queen Slug-for-a-Butt. There are a number of strange creatures and mutants seen, however. Another local character is the bizarre superhero The Hamsternator, who is also in the neighborhood and occasionally teams up with Jim and friends.


  • The name of Terlawk was inspired by Douglas TenNapel's birthplace in California. The Narrator even sometimes pronounces it "Turlock".
  • There is no mention of Terlawk in the video games. Earthworm Jim's hometown according the manuals of the first game was New Junk City, the first level in the game. It is also implied that New Junk City is Jim's hometown in the comic book mini-series. It is also directly stated in the cartoon-like opening prologue of Earthworm Jim HD, which makes it clear that New Junk City is also where the super suit first fell from space, and Jim first got into it.
  • The "Game Show" section of the level Villi People in Earthworm Jim 2 suggests that the location of both Jim's birthplace and hideout is in Texas, without mentioning Terlawk itself.
  • Despite its small population, Terlawk is the home of an extremely large mall, the world's largest aquarium, and a world-class university.