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A Taxi, or Space Taxi, is a recurring transport vehicle that Jim uses in Earthworm Jim 2.


When Jim hails the Space Taxi, it drops from the sky and Jim gets in the back, and it then takes off along the ground on its wheels. This only occurs during the end-of-level animations of Earthworm Jim 2, when one of Jim's other escape plans doesn't go so well.

The Taxi plays an important part in the finale to the game. If Jim reaches Princess What's-Her-Name before Psy-Crow in the final level of the game, Jim will hail the taxi to use it to escape with the Princess. The taxi will then land on Psy-Crow just as he appears, crushing Psy-Crow.



  • The Space Taxi cannot be controlled by the player; instead it only appears during the animated sequences where Jim has finished a level, and is looking for a way off planet. In this sense, it replaces the Pocket Rocket as a way to move between levels from the first game. Even then, the Taxi sequence appears randomly along with other end-of-level animations, and is not guaranteed to occur.
  • Earthworm Jim does a notable, unique and energetic animation when hailing down the Space Taxi.
  • The Space Taxi is based on the iconic Checker Taxi, common among the yellow cabs in the real-world New York City.
  • The Space Taxi backfires repeatedly, and its engine makes other sounds making it evident the vehicle is old and/or in poor condition.