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The ultra-high-tech-indestructible-super-space-cyber-suit (more commonly called just the Super Suit, and the Super Space Suit in Earthworm Jim HD) is a humanoid, artificially-intelligent robotic suit, and is what gives Earthworm Jim limbs, an effective human body, superhuman strength and speed. Jim and his four brains were hyper-evolved by the Suit, and entered into a symbiotic relationship with the Suit's artificial intelligence. Normally, Jim sits in the top neck-hole of the Suit, controlling it telekinetically.

The Super Suit is the most advanced technology in the Galaxy, invented by Professor Monkey-for-a-Head and built aboard his space station. The bounty hunter Psy-Crow was to deliver the suit to Queen Slug-for-a-Butt, but it was stolen by a rebel space pilot. He cornered the pilot and they fought, but the suit fell into Terlawk's orbit, landing upon an ordinary earthworm on the ground. The suit mutated the earthworm, giving him four hyper-intelligent brains (at least by earthworm standards), and the earthworm named himself "Jim" and dedicated his life to fighting cosmic crime, declaring himself protector of Earth.

The suit has several high technological functions and gadgets, including a red Plasma Blaster for offense, and a Pocket Rocket for interplanetary travel. When Jim is in the suit, he curls up, forming both a head and a body. The wearer does not need real arms and legs to operate the suit, since it comes equipped with mechanical ones, and thus the worm has a body when in the suit. In the animated series, the hands of the suit could detach from the suit and float off to punch enemies from a distance.


  • Although it is not capable of speech, the artificially-intelligent Super Suit appears to ally with Jim of its own free will.
  • Jim's possession of the mighty suit is one of the reasons why all the Galaxy's villains are after Jim.
  • In the video game series, the Super Suit was powered by fairly common atom balls, but in the animated television series, it was said to be powered by an ultra-rare Battery of the Gods.
  • Despite being "indestructible" there are a few enemies in the video games which can destroy Jim's Super Suit. Examples include Big Bruty, Mucus Phlegm Brain, and the Insectoid Mandibles, which can bite it clean in half.
  • According to the "Game Show" section of Villi People, the Super Suit is filled with "healthy oat bran". Given the source, it is unlikely this is actually true.
  • The Super Suit can become a weapon in itself with the use of the Three-Finger Gun in Earthworm Jim 2.