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Gameloft concept art of the Electronic Spiders

Spiders, also called Robot Spiders or Electric Spiders, are hostile recurring enemies in The Cheap Chap Chopping Chips Program, which make up the secret levels of Earthworm Jim HD.

Keeping in line with the theme of "The Cheap Chap Chopping Chips Program", the bodies of the Robot Spiders are made of giant computer microchips, their legs of metallic strips, and their eyes are LED lights.

The Robot Spiders live in high places within synthetic webbing, and will usually be stationary and in hibernation, only unfurling when they sense Jim getting near. They will then descend on a lone webbing strand, and begin swinging back and forth in wider and wider arcs. Coming into contact with them will zap energy from Jim's Super Suit. When Jim gets closer, they will begin spitting out green acid at him in a ranged attack.

Although fairly resilient to Jim's Plasma Blaster, a single whip of Jim's worm head will be enough to cause them to fall, but this requires getting close. The best tactic is to shoot at their web strands from a distance, which if destroyed will also cause them to fall. When the Robot Spiders fall, they will blow up in a small explosion, which fortunately is harmless to Jim.


  • Colossal-sized Robot Spiders can be seen in the background to the secret levels, peeking out over the landscape.