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Space Wormity is the eighth online multiplayer-exclusive level to be accessed in Earthworm Jim HD.

Space Wormity was not present in the original game or the special edition, nor is it present in the single player mode of Earthworm Jim HD. Space Wormity is an online-exclusive level, played only in the online multiplayer cooperative mode of Earthworm Jim HD.


It uses the asteroid chase bonus levels from the first game, Andy Asteroids?, as a template. "Space Wormity" features two to four Earthworm Jim clones racing each other to the finish line, made possible by use of split-screen.

In-game description[]

"This is Worm Control, calling all spaceworms immediately! Get on your Pocket Rocket and reach the finish line first! This is not a test. I rep... What? me. I'm not Worm Control. I'm just the Captain."


  • The title of this level is a pun on the title of the film 2001: A Space Odyssey.
  • Space Wormity is the only multiplayer level to use Andy Asteroids? chase levels as a template.