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Jim encounters a Snott U.F.O. (center right).
Also a Snott U.F.O. block engine can be seen (bottom right)

The Snott U.F.O.s are minions of Major Mucus and are recurring enemies in the level The Flyin' King of Earthworm Jim 2.


They are spinning airborne vehicles of an unknown nature. They have some glass in their domes which show the green slime inside. As Earthworm Jim flies near one on his Pocket Rocket, the Snott U.F.O. will fire blobs of green slime at Jim. These only get smaller as Jim fires at them with plasma from the Pocket Rocket, and must be shot at a lot to get them down to a small enough size as to not be harmful.


  • When destroyed, the Snott U.F.O.s leave behind their indestructible "big block engines". Jim can collect these to temporarily add extra power, speed and maneuverability to the Pocket Rocket.