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Snot a Problem (SNES version)

Snot a Problem is the sixth level in the original Earthworm Jim video game (or another number in the levels, given the port or version).

"Snot a Problem" pits Jim against Major Mucus in a bungee jumping battle in a canyon with a river of snot at the bottom.

Description in game manual[]

"Bungee jumping is scary enough without Major Mucus trying to bash you into the walls, but that's exactly his plan. As Jim's bungee cord gets thinner and thinner, his life hangs on by few measly rope threads! But that's not all. Mucus Phlegm Brain is counting on you to get too close to the pool of snot, or fall in; he's waiting for lunch!"[1]


The bungee battle lasts for three rounds, each of which is harder than the last.

If Jim's rope breaks, he will fall and die. Jim must avoid the attacks of Major Mucus and bash him into the canyon wall instead, until the Major's snot bungee cord breaks first and he falls, to win each round. However, the Major's snot rope will get tougher and harder to break with each round.

During the second and third rounds, the Mucus Phlegm Brain monster that appears in the river at the bottom will try to bite Jim in half if he gets too close, Super Suit, rope and all, giving him another hazard to avoid.




Snot a Problem - Earthworm Jim Special Edition Music Extended

Music from the Special Edition

  • "Snot a Problem" has the first appearance of the Mucus Planet or Phlegm Planet, which would reappear as a location in Earthworm Jim 2 for the level The Flyin' King.
  • "Snot a Problem" is also notable for first introducing Major Mucus, a recurring character in the Earthworm Jim franchise. Major Mucus would later appear in the comics and the toy line.
  • The graphics seen at the bottom of the pit are recolored red in the ending.
  • This level was coded by Nick Jones and was programmed on Super Nintendo version before it was converted to the Sega Genesis version.[2]