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Saint Pete's Apostles is a playable level first added in Earthworm Jim HD.

"Saint Pete's Apostles" was not present in the original game or the special edition, nor is it present in the single player mode of Earthworm Jim HD. "Saint Pete's Apostles" is an online-exclusive level, played only in the online multiplayer cooperative mode of Earthworm Jim HD.


The level itself has the same extraterrestrial theme as For Pete's Sake, but much bigger and with an entirely new layout, with additional packs of hunting Flying Saucers, tentacles, and new hazards.

In-game description[]

"Don't worry, Peter Puppy has just joined an A.R.D.V.G. program (Anger Relief for Dogs in Video Games), so there's just room for four of you there. Well, the four of you and hordes of Unipuses and UFOs. By the way, Peter left a brochure in case you want to join the program too."


  • The name of the level invokes the disciples of Jesus, making a correlation to Earthworm Jim and his clones (the ones playing the level) as Peter Puppy's angelic apostles.
  • Despite the reference to Peter Puppy in the name of the level, and the use of the level "For Pete's Sake" as a template, Peter Puppy himself does not appear in "Saint Pete's Apostles".
  • Completing this level gains access to Space Dividers.