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Rusty the Snowman is the mini-boss of "What the Heck?", the third level in the original video game.

Created by the black magic of Evil the Cat, Rusty is a living snowman who acts as a guard on the fiery planet Heck. He attacks trespasser Earthworm Jim in an attempt to bring Jim's Super Suit to his master, Evil the Cat.

Rusty can melt and grow again at will, reappearing in different places, perhaps due to the green teleportation crystal hidden within his snow. Interestingly, despite being a snowman, Rusty can exist in the extreme heat of Heck, and even breathe fireballs.

As Rusty takes more damage, he will get hotter, belching out more and more fireballs at the same time. Upon being defeated he will explode in a series of squelching, flatulent noises, and Jim can recover the teleportation crystal from Rusty's remains to progress in the level.


EarthwormJim MegaDrive heck-snowman

Rusty (original Sega Genesis version)

  • The encounter with Rusty has its own unique music which is only heard in the Sega Genesis, Sega CD, Game Boy, and Game Gear versions. This goes the same with Robo Chicken.
  • In the original game he went unnamed, but various instruction manuals and other materials labelled him simply as "Snowman", and others as "Frosty the Snowman". The character was clearly named as "Rusty the Snowman" in Earthworm Jim HD. It is possible that "Frosty" was his name as an ordinary snowman, and "Rusty" is the name Evil the Cat gave him.