Robotic Chicken

The Robotic Chicken is the mini-boss of Level 5 in the original Earthworm Jim video game.

It later appears in an alternate, airborne form, the Chicken Wing, as the final boss of Level 5.


A creation of Professor Monkey-For-A-Head, this giant, ferocious mutated chicken in a mech suit guards the laboratory against trespassers. It also attempts to destroy Earthworm Jim to reclaim the Super Suit for it's master, who originally created the Super Suit.


First Form

EarthwormJim MegaDrive level5chicken

First encounter (original Sega Genesis version of the game)

The Robotic Chicken is first encountered around half-way through Level 5, when Jim gets stuck in a chamber with it. The Robot Chicken will cluck around the chamber on metal legs, attempting to prod Jim with the electrified prod at the front of its suit.

It also has ranged attacks in the form of tiny eggs that it will lay. These eggs will roll toward Jim, and explode with some force. It also occasionally takes flight for a short time, flying over Jim's head and attempting to drop eggs on him from above.

The Robotic Chicken is fairly resistant to both Jim's worm head whip and Plasma Blaster, and it's only weakness is another one of the Professor's experiments - the mutant amoebas. Whipping the target at the top will cause one to fall on the Robotic Chicken when it is below the drop chute. The Robotic Chicken will be disabled when enough exploding amoebas have fallen on it.

Second Form (Chicken Wing)

EarthwormJim MegaDrive level5chickenfall

The Chicken Wing

At the end of the level, Jim finds himself in an extremely long, seemingly endless vertical tunnel, where he in free fall with the Robotic Chicken's new form, the Chicken Wing. It still retains it prod as a primary weapon.

This form of the enemy can be harmed by Jim's Plasma Blaster with some significant effect, but every time it is damaged, it will release exploding feathers and a bomb. However, the bombs can be deflected back onto the Chicken Wing, damaging it further. When it finally explodes and is defeated for good, Jim leaves on his Pocket Rocket, ending the level.

Theme Music

SNES/GBA Version

Both Forms: Down the Tubes/Level 5 music

Other Versions

First Form: Princess Theme

Second Form: Use Your Head Theme

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