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Jim vs Pitch the Cat

Play Me Off, GAMEPAD WORM! is the third and last of the new single-player mode secret levels in Earthworm Jim HD.

"Play Me Off, GAMEPAD WORM!" is the final part of The Cheap Chaps-Chopping Chips Program.

In-game description[]

"The fury is in its eyes; Pitch the Cat has bought a brand new keyboard, and will let you know! Music will remain its first and only love (along with space worms à la française)."


In "Play Me Off, GAMEPAD WORM!", you have the final showdown, you got rid of it all and it leads here... battling an evil, Keyboard Cat-referencing feline named Pitch the Cat numerous times.

Before confronting Pitch the Cat for the final time, there are some game world puzzles in "Play Me Off, GAMEPAD WORM!", which may actually be harder than the final battle itself. This includes having to jump off a floating floppy disc and hook Jim's head onto a very high hook in order to proceed in the level.


  • The name of the level is a pun of the "Play Me Off, Keyboard Cat" YouTube meme, in which Keyboard Cat will play his keyboard after an embarrassing fail, accident or amusing prank.