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Pitch the Cat.

Pitch the Cat is a feline musician and the boss of Play Me Off, GAMEPAD WORM!, the third and last of the new secret levels in Earthworm Jim HD.


When you first encounter Pitch, he is positioned near the edge of a platform compromised of a green circuit board. There are noticeably lots of musical instruments everywhere, such as giant speakers, outlets, guitars, picks, tapes and records, as well as barrels, diodes and SD cards. In the first encounter, you must jump onto a wiggly floppy disk that rotates in a circle like a magic carpet. You must simultaneously shoot at him while deflecting music notes that he shoots at you. If he takes enough damage, he will teleport far away. You will have to then make your way through the level by balancing on slim, elongated gears, swinging from hooks and traveling through toilet "portals", as well as combating Microchip Spiders and Robot Bees.

On the second encounter, which isn't very different, you will mostly be poised on top of another horizontally spinning gear slightly higher than him, and must shoot at him while avoiding large, swirling orange blasts from his keyboard. He will once again teleport away after taking too much damage. This time, as you pursue him you will mostly be traveling upward, occasionally stopping to ride a floppy disk to a faraway platform or to destroy an Eye Laser Shooter.

In the final encounter, Pitch will be above you and you will have to quickly jump from the lower left platform to the middle right platform, and deflect the music note bombs back at him to deal damage. However, you will also have to get back to the bottom platform quickly as well. This is because there is a hexagonal amplifier that will shoot an unavoidable air wave to the other side of the screen, and will knock you off if you are hit by it. Before long, Pitch's keyboard will start smoking and orange sparks will fly out of it. This means that he is almost defeated. He will no longer look up from his keyboard and will play it nonstop.

Once he is defeated, the keyboard will explode, causing him to fly backwards. He will get up, and wobble dizzily, and then fall back down. You will see a sort of gray shape fly out of him (his ninth life?), and then shrink to nothing in a matter of seconds. His body will eventually fade away, and Jim will take out his Pocket Rocket and fly away, ending the level.