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Homing Missile

A Homing Missile zoning in on an octopus

The octopus (plural octopi or octopuses), also referred to as the alien octopus in some materials, is a common type of hostile enemy encountered by Earthworm Jim in "A.B.T." (a.k.a. "Anything But Tangerines"), the first level in the video game Earthworm Jim 2.


Minions of Bob the Killer Goldfish, the octopi (along with the umbrella-wielding grannies) protect the planet A.B.T., which is their master Bob's summer home away from La Planeta de Agua (Arriba!).

The alien octopuses are a species of human-sized, green-skinned cephalopods with eight tentacles and googly yellow eyes. Instead of living in the water, these octopuses live in the air. They attain flight by manner of a small propeller, located on the top of the red and yellow beanies that they wear. Although they are poorly defended against Jim's attacks, the octopuses can move very fast, and their movements can be unpredictable. They also frequently get so high as to make whipping them with Jim's worm head impracticable or impossible.

As a weapon, the alien octopuses wield blunderbusses, which despite being an ancient weapon can still do some significant damage to Jim's super suit. However, a disadvantage of their weapon is the 5-10 seconds it can take for them to reload.

The octopuses can be exceptionally hindersome when trying to transport the pigs to the pig chute, when it will take precious seconds to drop the pig and get out the Plasma Blaster.


  • They are the first enemy encountered in the Earthworm Jim 2.