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New Junk City Part 2 is an extension of the first level in the first video game, New Junk City. This section was not present in the original 1994 Earthworm Jim video game, and was first included in the Special Edition of the game a year later.

New Junk City Part 2 was also included in the 2010 HD remake of the game.


Earthworm Jim teleports through a toilet to a new section of New Junk City. However, he materializes without his Super Suit, remarking "I'm nude!" Jim must traverse this new section in order to reclaim his Super Suit at the end, using only his wormy head. The surfaces of the section are very slippery, which can lead to fatal falls. However, the slipperiness of the surfaces will be needed for extra speed and longer jumps over pitfalls to progress. There are numerous large industrial fans which Jim must make use of by wrapping himself around them, and flinging himself to other areas, much like in Level 5.