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Jim protecting Peter Puppy from a meteorite shower (For Pete's Sake, Earthworm Jim HD)

A meteor shower is a type of recurring environmental hazard when "walking the dog". Meteorite showers are a dangerous phenomenon encountered by Earthworm Jim and Peter Puppy (in his first appearance) in the level For Pete's Sake of the original video game.

When it begins raining meteors on Pete's homeworld, Jim must protect Peter from them by shooting at them and blowing them up with the Plasma Blaster. Unfortunately, Jim also has to shoot at Peter at the same time, since he's immortal and it's the only to stop him from skipping into a meteorite and getting angry. Shooting Pete with the Plasma Blaster won't make Pete angry. But if Peter gets hit by a meteor, he will get angry, and hulk out and attack Jim.

A single meteorite impact on Jim's Super Suit will only take a small bit of energy from the Suit. However, repeated impacts will stack in damage, meaning that Jim can be quite easily lose a life in a single shower. Some of the meteors can also bounce or ricochet, providing an extra danger from unexpected directions. The other enemies in the level, such as the Flying Saucers and the Unipuses, are not harmed by meteorite impacts.