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Not to be confused with Lawyers, the enemies from the first game.

A Masked Lawyer.

Masked Lawyers are enemies in the seventh level of Earthworm Jim 2, ISO 9000. They are overweight humans who wear brown shoes, red and white striped ties, gray slacks held up by suspenders, and blue executioner hoods that hide their faces. The most dangerous part about them is that they wield maces, and that they dive under the paper and can come up anywhere. They can make it very difficult to successfully retrieve all the Mouse Cages and return them to where they belong. In some situations they are even impossible to kill, because they have such high health.


  • They were once regular office workers who were driven insane by all of the paperwork.
  • When they throw their maces, they cannot get another one until they go back underground.
  • They make no sounds.