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Malice is a villainess and was once Evil the Cat's love interest when they share in common the goal of destroying the universe while in search of the secret to summon the "The Being Who Not Dare Speak Its Name". She appears in the Earthworm Jim episode "Evil in Love".



She's an evil talking dog, with long purple fur that covers her body except the spot on her head is bald. Like Evil, she has sharp vampire-like fangs. She wears a tight black collar on her neck.

Like Evil, Malice lives on Planet Heck. She resides in a temple dedicated to all things malicious.


Like Evil the Cat, Malice hence her name is pure evil. She has no heart and wishes to eliminate all goodness. She is cruel, cunning and doesn't care for others.


Malice is armed with sharp claws and vampire fangs. However, her ultimate weapon is her Fleas of Eternal Slumber. When she scratches herself, she unleashes fleas whose bites send people into an eternal sleep.


  • The pairing between Malice the Dog and Evil the Cat is most likely a reference to the Ghostbusters line "Dogs and cats, living together! Mass hysteria!"