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Locustumization is the second of the new secret levels in Earthworm Jim HD.

It is the continuation of The Cheap Chaps-Chopping Chips Program, from the first secret level Cheap Chaps-Chopping Chips, returns in Locustumization. It may be slightly easier for most players due to the boss, which is merely a formation of Robot Mosquitoes that goes towards Jim. If Jim gets too close to the boss or the boss gets too close to Jim, it will run away.

In-game description[]

"...This... probably our last tr-nsmission... I don't know how long we'll... withstand... It's alive! ...DNA of 1,500 USB drives mixed with a centipede's ...Noo, stop! ...DON'T reformat meeeeee, ouch!" - Journals of Pr. Wormenbelt