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Earthworm Jim protecting his feet from the stove in Level Ate
(Nintendo SNES port)

Level Ate, also called the Planet of Meat in some materials, is the eighth level in Earthworm Jim 2.

It is notable for including the only secret level found in the game, Totally Forked, which is classed as the ninth level in the game.



A Salt Shaker attacks Jim and a Snail
(Sony PlayStation port)

Psy-Crow has tricked Earthworm Jim this time into the chaotic pantry of a gigantic, planetary kitchen. Here even the condiments try to eliminate intruders, and the poor snails which try to hide from the ever-present aerial bombardments from Salt Shakers under canopies of meat and umbrella cocktail sticks.

Jim has to transverse this world of food by turning off stoves, or cracking eggs so that he can move forward without taking damage. Enemies in this level include the aforementioned Salt Shaker, as well as the red, blue and yellow varieties of bendy straws. The level is also home to one of the few bosses in the game, Flamin' Yawn.

Manual Description[]

"Level Ate

"What the Heck is goin' on here? A Planet of Meat? Where days are measured by when the burger patty sets and rises? The burger flips at noon, the bacon is hot and sizzling, the steaks are rare and juicy, and the eggs (for the steak, of course) are slightly runny. Keep away from the Salt Shaker or Jim will end up like a piece of those deep fried onion things your parents serve at parties! Dodge the sandwich toothpicks, destroy the bendy straws, and above all, don't get Flamin' Yawn mad or you're totally forked! Remember, to make an omelet, you've got to break a few eggs. (Warning: Drooling on the control pad may result in poor game performance and possible electrocution. Like the pros, please wear a bib while playing to avoid possible injury.)"

ProTip: Although you can't destroy the salt shaker (the bane of worms, we all know), shooting at it will stop it for a second and even make it back off a bit. Better yet, give it another target to distract it for a while."[1]


  • In all ports of the game, Level Ate reuses the same music from an earlier level in the game, The Flyin' King. This is a tropical-sounding theme based on "Cuban Pete".
  • The secret level accessible from Level Ate, Totally Forked, does have its own unique music.




  1. Taken from the Earthworm Jim 2 North American Sega Genesis manual