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The Laboratory is one of the levels in Earthworm Jim: Menace 2 the Galaxy. It is one of two levels the player can select at the start of the game.


Laboratory takes place in an evil laboratory, with experiments and mutants running rampant across the various levels.

Like the previous level, Sci-Fi, the layout of this map is relatively simple. However, instead of being laid out horizontally, this map is vertical, with Jim spawning at the very top of the level and the exit being at the very bottom. There are doors and toilets the player can use to more easily get from top to bottom of the map, as well as moving platforms that can be activated to move across large gaps.

There are lots of different routes the player can take to get to the bottom of the map, and should be careful not to fall to far as there are bottomless pits they could easily fall into. There are also holes in the floor that can be easily missed against the chequered pattern of the flooring.

To beat this level, the player must collect 152 of 203 nuts.