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La Planeta de Agua (Arriba!) is a temperate, aquatic planet of shallow seas, rich in sea-life, in the Earthworm Jim franchise. A massive, city-sized underwater complex on the seabed is the hideout of Bob the Killer Goldfish and his huge mutated feline henchmen, most notably Number Four. Bob also frequently tries to organize the local fish into an army he can use to conquer the universe.


Video games[]

In the original video game, Earthworm Jim visited this planet in the fifth level of the game, Down the Tubes.


La Planeta de Agua (Arriba!) also features a number of times in the Earthworm Jim animated television series as the lair of Bob. Every time the Narrator says the planet's name, a high-pitched Mexican voice similar to that of Speedy Gonzales says "Arriba!" immediately afterward.

The planet is inhabited by numerous fish, although Bob the Killer Goldfish is one of the only fish with human-level intellegence, leaving his attempts to command his "fish army" doomed to failure.


One of the Earthworm Jim toys was Earthworm Jim in the small bathysphere seen in Down the Tubes.