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Kitten Guard

The Hamster about to bite a kitten guard

The kitten guard is an enemy in the original Earthworm Jim, appearing in Down the Tubes.

Kitten guards, as their name implies, are diminutive orange cats with long arms and big round noses. They guard the tunnels of Bob the Killer Goldfish's underwater base on La Planeta de Agua (Arriba!), standing still and sneering menacingly as they look from side to side. If Earthworm Jim makes contact with them, they will grab him, slam him into the ground several times, and then throw him for heavy damage. Kitten guards can throw Jim into each other's hands, potentially allowing a line of them to fatally damage Jim before he has a chance to react.

Kitten guards, like Number Four, are immune to Jim's attacks. He can only defeat them when riding the Hamster, but they can grab him off its back and attack him if he doesn't time the Hamster's bites carefully.