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Jim encounters an Insectoid Hive, which has ejected a small flying Insectoid (Earthworm Jim HD)

Insectoid Hives are a recurring type of hostile enemy in "Buttville", the final level of the original Earthworm Jim video game. Like all the enemies in Buttville, the Insectoid Hives are Insectoids, and progeny and servants of the game's final boss, Queen Slug-for-a-Butt.

The Hives resemble blackish-purple beehives, hanging from the dead trees of Insectika. Whenever Jim gets near one, the Hives will begin to eject small, blue and white flying Insectoids from its hole. These flying Insectoids have bulbous red eyes and yellow fangs, and range in size from around the size of Jim's worm head, to around half the size of Jim's Super Suit.

If the Hive is not destroyed, it will continue spewing out more and more, and bigger and bigger, versions of these creatures; around a dozen or so in total. Although they are fairly easily dispatched, they will which will attempt to swarm Jim. The Hives will take a dozen direct hits with the Plasma Blaster to eliminate the source, or one hit with a Mega Plasma or Jim's worm head whip, upon which the Hive will fall to the ground in a small, squelchy explosion. If Jim is too near, this explosion can harm him.


Hives falling from the Queen's ovipositor

Towards the end of Buttville, Jim is forced to run under the Queen's ovipositor, which as well as oozing corrosive acid on Jim, will also eject some additional Hives that will rain down on Jim from above. If these are not dealt with, the small flying Insectoids can return to give Jim some trouble during his final precarious battle with the Queen.


  • It could be that the Hives are small ovipositors in themselves, generating the small flying Insectoids instead of just storing them.