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Insectoid Electric Tongues attempt to lick Jim's Super Suit, as a cow flies by in the background
(Buttville, Earthworm Jim HD)

Insectoid Electric Tongues are a type of recurring hostile enemy in "Buttville", the final level of the original Earthworm Jim video game. Like all enemies in Buttville, these enemies are Insectoids, the progeny and servants of Queen Slug-for-a-Butt.

The Electric Tongues resemble blind, horned, green creatures with giant, spiked maws. They are burrowing animals, spending their time fixed to one spot in the ground, and mostly hidden beneath it, only emerging and moving when prey gets close, and turning to face the direction of their prey. In size, they are around half the size of Jim's Super Suit, at least when they are fully exposed and extended.

Electric Tongues will give Jim a nasty surprise if he unknowingly gets too close. Despite being rooted in the ground, they have a ranged attack since they can extend their long, thin, electrified tongues by about six feet. These can give Jim quite a jolt, and zap his Super Suit, with some force. When these creatures are found in pairs, take care not to get pushed into one another tongues, causing Jim to get bashed back and forth with repeated shocks.

The Electric Tongues are the most resilient of all the Insectoids, and cannot be killed by any weaponry at Jim's disposal, even the Mega Plasma. However, attacking them will cause them to hide back in the ground for a few seconds, giving Jim time to pass them safely.