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What the Heck

Evil the Cat gets the super suit and torments Earthworm Jim in Heck (SNES version)

Heck is a recurring, fiery and volcanic Hell-like planet in the Earthworm Jim franchise. It is the lair of Evil the Cat and his minions.


Lawyer in Heck

Lawyers in Heck


Earthworm Jim visits this planet in the third level of the first video game, "What the Heck?". Evil the Cat can be seen occasionally in the background, leering over his subjects. The level is composed mostly of metal rods and spiky cliffs. Many of the "roads" twist and wind up and down in many directions. The stone pillars that hold them up are filled with holes. There are also many gateways that can only be opened with a gear-like wheel switch.

There aren't many creatures living on Heck except for Lawyers, Shadow Demons, and a being known as Rusty the Snowman, who ironically can breathe fire, all for the humorous factor. There are several places where you must jump on to a somewhat round green gem, and then continue running while on top of it to make you rise upward. If you stop, you will instantly fall off, and the gem will slowly descend. There are many mountains and small perches rising out of the abysses and what is possibly lava.

Evil the Cat lives here and fills this planet with all the diabolical things he finds across the universe, including elevator music (interspersed with diabolical-sounding music and screams), dynamite, annoying traps, knives and a cosmic ray gun, of which he keeps to himself. If the level is completed, Evil the Cat loses his nine lives, and Jim escapes on his Pocket Rocket, leaving Heck in darkness and silence.

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  • In the special edition of Earthworm Jim, the shortcut of skipping Rusty the Snowman was removed as the next gem actually took you to an additional section before the Rusty boss fight.
  • There are several shortcuts in this level.
  • The first part of the Evil the Cat's boss fight which is Evil himself trying to attack Jim with his cosmic ray gun was removed in the Game Boy/Game Gear version of the game.