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Not to be confused with Old Grand Ma.

Jim trying to avoid falling grannies on the granny chair

Grannies are recurring hostile enemies in A.B.T., the first level of Earthworm Jim 2.


The grannies appear in the various sections of the level where Earthworm Jim has to ascend higher using a stair-lift or granny chair.

The grannies will fall from above with a little whelping noise. They will fall in unpredictable patterns, but can be avoided since Jim can alter the speed of the stair-lift by pressing in certain directions. If they are avoided, the grannies will simply fall into the abyss below.

If any of the grannies land on Jim, they will sit in his lap, repeatedly exclaim "Pest!", and beat Jim severely with their umbrellas. This can cause significant damage to the power of Jim's Super Suit, especially since their attacks cannot be fended off. Also, when a granny gets hold of Jim the stair-lift will rapidly descend back down to the bottom of the stairs, and Jim will have to do the section all over again. If a granny gets hold of Jim at the top of the stairs, Jim will take a longer and more extended beating from the granny, as the stair-lift will take longer to reach the bottom. Upon reaching the bottom, the granny will fly off the chair and down into the abyss anyway.



Earthworm Jim 2 (PS1) Soundtrack - Granny Bonus Theme

  • Game music composer Tommy Tallarico composed a musical theme for when the stair-lift sections and when the grannies appear, which is very traditional Scottish sounding.
  • The Scottish music is also used in later ports of Earthworm Jim 2 for the level ISO 9000.


  • Some of the granny chair sections are optional, including an extended "bonus" level (essentially an extended granny chair ride), but may be worth it due to the amount of items which can be collected.
  • The nature of the grannies is unclear. One possibility is that they are henchmen of Bob the Killer Goldfish, the boss of A.B.T., and are throwing themselves down at Jim deliberately, kamikaze-like. Another possibility is that they are actually innocent grandmothers which are being thrown down at Jim by Bob's henchman.
  • Although they cannot be killed, the grannies cannot be saved either, and end up falling into the abyss below the stairs whether they get hold of Jim or not.
  • The falling grannies make the same noise as the exploding aquatic sheep when they are killed, and which appear in the later level Villi People.