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Fuel Pod

The Fuel Pod is an item in the original Earthworm Jim video game.

First game[]

Another Andy Asteroids? exclusive, it basically is a little blue bubble found in the warp tunnels, during the numerous races with Psy-Crow to every next level. The Fuel Pods are automatically absorbed by Jim's Super Suit/Pocket Rocket upon contact.

Whilst the Fuel Pods appear to provide no immediate bonus, like say atom balls, collecting 50 or more of the Fuel Pods in a single race will reward the player with a continue (a.k.a. a Can O'Worms).

HD version[]

  • In the HD remake of the original game, collecting 100 Fuel Pods during a single game play-through will unlock the achievement/trophy "Space Collector".
  • Similarly, Collecting 300 Fuel Pods in one sitting will unlock the "Super Space Collector" achievement.