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Flying Saucers in "For Pete's Sake" (Sega Genesis version)

Flying Saucers are recurring hostile extraterrestrial enemies in the level "For Pete's Sake" of the original video game.


These ships are small, hovering, turquoise-colored extraterrestrial spacecraft, with skinny aliens (or perhaps periscopes) peering out. The saucers appear to have a shaky construction, with the top and bottom halves being barely held together.

The Flying Saucers will occasionally fly in and attempt to knock Peter Puppy down to make Peter angry and attack Jim, or to fire lasers at Jim. They can also hold Jim in place with tractor beams, enabling Peter to wander off into danger.

Fortunately they are very vulnerable to Jim's Plasma Blaster, separating into top and bottom halves when shot at with a tinny "ping".


  • Depending on the port of the game or regional variation, the Flying Saucers can have different qualities and methods of attack, although they always appear more or less the same.
  • Flying Saucers also appear in two online multiplayer-exclusive levels of Earthworm Jim HD which use "For Pete's Sake" as a template. These include "Space Dividers" and "Saint Pete's Apostles". In the multiplayer levels, they appear in much higher numbers, and are more tenacious.

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