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Flamin' Yawn is the boss of Level Ate in Earthworm Jim 2.


Flamin' Yawn is an anthropomorphic T-bone steak who lives in a sort of palace made of pizza boxes, with the pizza still in them. During his battle with this boss, Jim must stand on the pepperoni to avoid sinking into the cheese.

Flamin' Yawn spends most of the time hovering in the air on a dinner plate and will bounce the plate down on Jim if he gets underneath. The plate will also protect Flamin' Yawn from attacks from below. Flamin' Yawn will occasionally come down to the ground level to belch fire at Jim; it is only during this time that the boss is vulnerable.



  • Flamin' Yawn is one of the few bosses of Earthworm Jim 2. Most levels in the game do not have a boss.
  • The name of this boss is a pun on "Filet Mignon."