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Sally encountering two exploding aquatic sheep in Villi People

Exploding Aquatic Sheep[1] is an enemy in Earthworm Jim 2. They are found in the Villi People level.


These bizarre creatures resemble bloated sheep, and move through the water-filled caverns like jellyfish. They are fairly slow, and fortunately Sally can outrun them easily, if there is a clear escape route. If they get in your way, they will only take a single shot from the Plasma Blaster and then explode in a shower of white fluff.

However, these creatures hunt Sally mostly in packs, and can ambush with little warning, since they favor hiding in the darkness and out-of-sight. When they explode, the explosion can harm Sally if she is too close.


  • The exact nature of these bizarre creatures is unclear. Given that the Intestinal Planet is an old summer home of Doc Duodenum, one possibility is that they are henchmen of Doc D. Other possibilities include being part of the giant gut's biological system, parasites, or merely something the giant creature ate.
  • The writhing villi which line the cavern walls harm Jim, but do not harm these creatures. This means that they can maneuver tight spaces much more easily than Jim.
  • When these creatures explode, they make the same vocal expression as the falling grandmothers from the earlier level A.B.T..


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