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An Earthworm Jim action figure in his super suit, plasma blaster included

The Earthworm Jim toys were a 1995 line of action figures released by Playmates Toys, in association with Shiny Entertainment, the creators of the Earthworm Jim franchise.

The toy line included a dozen characters which were originally introduced in the video game series, although the toy line was more heavily inspired by the cartoon television series (for example, the toy of Peter Puppy is clothed, as he is in the cartoon). There was also an Earthworm Jim statuette and teddy bear.

A few variations of these were also released around the same time, included in a partnership with Taco Bell, although they were smaller and less detailed than the Playmates toys.

The original toys, and replicas, are still widely available on online outlets, including the variations of, replicas and bootlegs (e.g. replicas of the cancelled secondary Playmates toy line, or unique figures such as Evil Jim).

unreleased wave 1 action figures and merchandise[]

there was a couple of action figures, vehicle accessories and even other products that playmates pitched but never happened. some of these were later pushed to the second wave before being sadly canceled

  • Psycrow would of had a vehicle accessory known as the psycrow bike and would of been a motorcycle with a crow like design with fold out feather blades and a hook mechanism that would of been uses as a projectile
  • a can known as plasma ooze would of been a can with slime and plastic worms in it
  • clutch is a character that was pitched to be part of the first wave of action figures and theoretically would have been in the tv show if this deal was made, he was a sea slug that would of used a cutlass was a weapon possible an accessory this figure was never greenlit and only a few prototypes exist of him
  • a plasma blaster was going to be toy that was pitched to playmates based off of the one earthworm Jim uses the weapon would of had shot "worm balls" from the top of it and a holster for it that would have been able to be attached to a belt was not made and was later pushed to wave two before it was cancelled
  • the worm thrower a reskin of the Teenage mutant ninja turtle pizza thrower but with an earthworm Jim esthetic and would of shot disk with a Jim design on it , also it was able to hold 3 action figures it was meant for wave one before being pushed to wave two before being ultimately cancelled
  • my pal Jim was a 20-inch plush of earthworm Jim and would of had posable legs and Jims head could of been removed from the suit this was cancelled but a porotype might exist.

First Playmates toy line[]

The original Playmates toy line included the characters:

  • Earthworm Jim in his Super Suit along with his Plasma Blaster.
  • Earthworm Jim in his Super Suit, but with a detachable and much more flexible worm head, that can be used as a whip/grappling hook/propeller/swing, much like in the first video game.
  • Earthworm Jim in a severely battle-damaged Super Suit, "The Slightly Battered Daring Defender of Earth, the Cosmos, and Everything Else!". This came with a spring-loaded chest plate, that exposes the interior of the Super Suit.
  • Earthworm Jim in his "Special Deep Sea Mission Suit", with added Water Gun. This was inspired by the game level Down the Tubes.
  • Another variation included Jim on his Pocket Rocket; this was the only vehicle featured in the original toy line. The mountable rocket was also included in a rare mail-in repainted figure of Earthworm Jim in a green super suit instead of white and blue. They were made in limited number, and the phone line which was used to order them could only be obtained by completing the Special Edition in hard difficulty mode.
  • Princess What's-Her-Name "Earthworm Jim's Main Squeeze - or so He Thinks!, Spring Loaded Bug Launcher!, Includes Runt Zurb, Bug Launcher with Discs and a Really Intense Insectoid Gun!"
  • Normal Peter Puppy, and the monstrous version of Peter Puppy, in pack together.
  • Bob the Killer Goldfish and #4 in a pack together.
  • Psy-Crow and Major Mucus were released in a pack together.
  • Evil the Cat and Henchrat were released in a pack together.


Second Playmates toy line[]

A secondary toy line of larger figures was planned by Playmates, and details and images of which were released, although the second toy line never come to fruition. Nevertheless, the secondary toy line has been heavily bootlegged over the years.

The official cancelled toy line would have included the characters:[1]

  • Another variation of Earthworm Jim, "Copper head Jim", with Snott in his suit backpack, using Snott to as a whip/grappling hook/swing/parachute, much like in the second video game. The harness may have been inspired by the level Snot a Problem in the first video game, especially since it was included with Major Mucus with bungee cord.
  • A variation of Earthworm Jim in an upgraded super suit, which would have had elements reminiscent of the Iron Man suit from Marvel Comics (Marvel also published the Earthworm Jim comics at the time). The prominent power source on the chest was a Battery of the Gods. The super suit would also have included elements reminiscent of samurai armor, with four detachable katanas in a back holster (or perhaps Swords of Righteousness).
  • Earthworm Jim on a new motorbike-like, customized vehicle, the Crazed Cycle. This vehicle did not appear in the video games, but did appear in the cartoon. The toy of the Crazed Cycle would have moved and made noises, and would have been battery-powered. The "worm head" ornament of the front of the Crazed Cycle would have opened its mouth to reveal a long, spring-loaded worm spear.
  • Queen Slug-for-a-Butt
  • Professor Monkey-For-A-Head
  • The Hamsternator (a character not present in the video games, who first appeared in the cartoon series)
  • Doc Duodenum was also created and would have been a small pack-in figure with Professor monkey-for-a-head in the second series.