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Jim's four brains, as seen in episode "The Book of Doom" of the animated television series.

The wormy superhero Earthworm Jim has four brains within his body, giving him far greater intelligence than other earthworms (when his four brains are working together at least), and "uncanny worm senses". It proves that FOUR "heads" are better than one.

The fact that Jim has four brains has been mentioned in the video game series and the comic books, and it is often said that it was the Super Suit which mutated him or hyper-evolved him from a normal earthworm. It is with these brains that Jim is able to remotely control the Super Suit.

In the animated television series, Jim is seen to consult his four hyper-intelligent brains for advice. However, they are often unhelpful, saying things like "I'm hungry", "I'm cold", "I'm itchy", and "where are the girls", and so Jim often just relies on his Plasma Blaster to make decisions instead.

The video game Earthworm Jim 3D is set entirely within a subconscious landscape created by Jim's psyche as he lies in a coma. The Sacred Cow of Contemplation lets Jim pass into different areas of his mind.