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Down the Tubes (Earthworm Jim HD)

Down the Tubes (also referred to as The Sea Tunnels[1]) is the fifth level of the original Earthworm Jim video game.

Down the Tubes takes place in and around an underwater base on the aquatic planet of La Planeta de Agua (Arriba!), the lair of Bob the Killer Goldfish.

The second section of the level is Tube Race, which takes place almost entirely outside the base inside one of the submarines.

Game manual description[]

"Bob the Killer Goldfish knows that EWJ's Super Suit could make him ruler of the world. Maybe even the Universe! Controlling the drone cat minions in his underwater lair, Bob uses his servants to find Jim wherever he hides, high or low. Don't let the size of Bob's kitten guards fool you - they're just as powerful as the cats! Hamsters galore!"[2]


EarthwormJim MegaDrive downthetubes

Number Four approaching Jim (original Sega Genesis version)

Inside the base, Jim runs through the tubes, avoiding the kitten guards and the large, muscular mutant cats (including the most notable Number Four). The only way to defeat the cats is with the Hamster. There is also hostile floating puffer-fish in the service of Bob.

Outside the base, Jim climbs into one of the submarines and navigates it through very narrow rock passages, attempting to avoid cracking the dome too much, and all the while trying to find a few extra breaths of oxygen at various air-pumps. However, the submarine treks in Down the Tubes are relatively short, with this section taking place mostly inside the base.

The second section which takes you to Bob himself is Tube Race.


In the Special Edition of the game, Down the Tubes has a hidden spot that when touched has a secret alternate Andy Asteroids? level with no asteroids in and no Psy-Crow - just Atomic Accelerators, Asteroid Shields, and Fuel Pods, that takes you straight to Snot a Problem without having to go through Tube Race, the second half of the Down the Tubes. If this route is taken, the player will not have to go through the more difficult section, but will not face off against Bob the Killer Goldfish.[3]



Down the Tubes - Earthworm Jim Special Edition Music Extended

  • Mark Miller's theme for Down the Tubes is also used in the second part, Tube Race. The same music is also used for Level 5, the giant laboratory of Professor Monkey-for-a-Head.
  • In the 2010 HD remake of the game, the visuals of Down the Tubes and its backgrounds will "ripple," further giving the effect of being underwater.
  • In the Super Nintendo version of the game, the theme for New Junk City is used in the level instead of the Level 5 theme which would be used in the stage of the same name.
  • This level was coded by David Perry for the Sega Genesis version and converted by Nick Jones for the Super Nintendo version.[4]