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Two crows bombarding Earthworm Jim in New Junk City (Earthworm Jim HD)

Crows are the very first enemy encountered in the original Earthworm Jim video game.

Crows are the most common type of enemy in New Junk City, the first level of the game, the other being Fifis.


These crows are the enlarged, ravenous carrion scavengers of the planet-wide junkyard. Crows can happily smell Jim's tasty worm flesh, and will often hunt him in packs.

They will dive-bomb at Jim, and if they get hold of him, will get hold onto his worm head with their sharp beaks and begin shaking him. Although they are not actually able to pull Jim out of his Super Suit, these attacks can still do some serious harm to Jim, and are especially annoying when he is bouncing on tires or climbing a conveyor belt.

Jim once spent his early years hiding from hungry crows, but now he can fight back. They take around nine direct hits from the Plasma Blaster to kill, but only one direct whip from Jim's worm head will also do the job. When killed, they will screech and their beak goes flying as well as black feathers.


  • Crows are the primary enemies in this level because the criminal Psy-Crow ordered them to find and attack Jim.
  • Crows can often be seen feeding off of trash in harsh times.