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Playmates Earthworm Jim Crazed Cycle

The toy of Earthworm Jim on his Crazed Cycle

The Crazed Cycle is a vehicle used by Earthworm Jim in addition to his Pocket Rocket. While the Pocket Rocket was an original inclusion of Jim's Super Suit, and therefore also made by Professor Monkey-For-A-Head, the Crazed Cycle was a motorcycle-like vehicle, built and customized by Jim himself.

The Crazed Cycle did not appear in the original video games, and was created for the animated television series. The Crazed Cycle also appeared in the comic book mini-series.

A toy of Jim on the Crazed Cycle was planned for the eventually cancelled secondary line by Playmates Toys, but copies of which are available, although extremely rare. The toy is battery-operated and includes a spring-loaded "worm spear", which comes out the front "worm head" ornament.